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Welcome to B.A.S. TAX LLC.


B.A.S. TAX LLC is proud to be an accounting agency that helps business clients make sound financial decisions on a daily basis. We are fully committed to helping you succeed by performing the critical accounting functions that keep you financially solvent and compliant with financial regulations.

our founder

Lisandra Saavedra

Lisandra Saavedra is a founding member and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of B.A.S. Tax LLC. In addition to managing the operations of the company and its staff, Ms. Saavedra focuses her accounting practice in corporate and personal tax matters, including financial and business consulting, regulatory compliance, and financial analysis. By methodically analyzing business and financial transactions, Ms. Saavedra provides her clients with the knowledge and ability to fulfill their long-term and short-term goals through careful strategic planning and personalized accounting services.

For over thirteen years, Ms. Saavedra has serviced the accounting needs and goals of corporations and individuals in the South Florida area. Prior to founding B.A.S. Tax LLC, Ms. Saavedra was a Partner and the Vice-President of another accounting firm for many years where she oversaw the financial, business and tax affairs of over five hundred corporate entities and countless individual clients. Ms. Saavedra earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University. She also holds two graduate degrees, a Master’s Degree in International Business and a Master’s Degree in Business with Concentration in Accounting.

Lisandra Saavedra